For now you are dead to me and I to you.

The air calls for the aroma of sweet sage and lavender to calm the soul.

We shall remain in damp soil until the serpent evokes the rainbow. Only then can we cross over into our heavenly bodies. Until then our home is with the earthworms fertilizing the lands.

Seasons pass only heightening pungency of what we once were.

Riddles of sorrow plague me.

It is not an hour of any day my mind isn’t consumed by you. Your heart clenches my throat making it so I can no longer speak.

As of now our love shall never flower. Spring time comes like an irritating swarm of bees. Love flourishes in spring only to pain me and taunt my sorrow.

If i should rise from the dead in your mind come to me. Arrive to me broken as we shall be ridden with maggots.

Until summers metamorphosis bringing upon us further digestion by our guests.

This would truly be a horror beyond anything to feast eyes upon. Our lives rotted away in remorse however fragile we may seem.

You taunt me in my day dreams with your icy gaze. Your lips revel, like leeches disturbed in slumber, only fondly calling me.

It is only your love that I need, not food, no wine, no gold. The only thing to cure me is to know your love for me.

Wishing next to a cherry’s blossom imagining the sweet smell to be you.

Only you are dead to me as I to you.

If you should rise back from the dead may god help me.

Now let us rest in peace.



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