One was broken, literally, one has a harness on its arm in place of a heart. Ones a spade and I was its bondage. I really loved one. Soon this broke me and didn’t even recognize how much. It was always about one’s damage. How much pain one felt.

I felt awful.

Two came along when I was desperate. -I was so damaged after one passed i couldn’t even function. I got drunk, went home by two until two turned three, four or five. I hadn’t even enjoyed a full year of drinking.

i felt disgusted with the times.

I found three or three found me. A few times the hands passed. I don’t know if three agrees with me. I don’t agree with three.

one two and three hate me.
The witching hour it seems.

nothing as clever as four. Far four far four forever more you Nasty Farfour…

Somewhere here is a trinity.

Unless i find more time and true love it will never stop. I don’t want anything to be destroyed including myself.

You can never change the broken. Save yourself from the broken. Don’t allow the damage to affect you. Direct the damage and pray for the broken.

No matter how broken you think you are…its always someone who is more broken then you will ever be.

it will never be one, two, three or four again.

It will never stop.


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