So when I was a kid I didn’t like the idea of “America” even though I was born into its confines.

In Grade school I studied French, Luganda and Hebrew. I was taught the French alphabet more thoroughly then the English alphabet, even though they are the same its different.

The only way I could explore these languages was to learn the traditional songs. So I would sing for elementary students in a choir in these various languages. I’m afraid I may of had to sing religious songs to be honest…in various languages.

I was coached on pronunciation and dialect. I wasn’t really coached on the cultural significance of such an event, that’s what the parents signed a waiver for. So I was in a position to trust what I was being taught was what I wanted to learn.

Now after I listened to Obama say I have to trust my government and their allies in regards to our privacy policies…I guess I can’t help but question the intentions of such a statement.

The most prominent part of confusion is my accent.

I was born in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m from America and even Boarder Patrol doesn’t believe me.

I wonder if my accent is a dead giveaway to my relationship with America.

Are there others like me?

Maybe its simply Foreign accent syndrome…


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