That point where everyone is so miserable they are happy? I don’t know when it happened, probably once man began farming. I can’t be certain its the same then as it is today. Today its got to be some desensitized hybrid from a lost past. Back when we started cultivating the land, imagine how happy we were, we finally decided where to eat and where to shit.

Imagine the relief of living in a hut that leaked you and your family built. Imagine what a shit hole it must have been… Worst then that shithole uncovered recently in Australia, the incest cult? Those people were happy as fuck. I believe later once other adults pointed out how wrong everything was a stint of hysteria ruffled their pride and revealed the damage instilled. Those poor kids, their fucked for life, surprisingly the media is keeping their images out of the press…lucky them.

How different is this family of incest from out ancestors from before the ice age, before Jesus even? Not much.

So here we are modern man in modern times. They say its evolution but really I wonder if we really just forgot where we came from. Hell people don’t even know who their great great great grandparents are, at least thats the case in America. Now people are convinced we evolved from monkeys or aliens came and crossbred with life on earth, some type of invasion of the body snatchers?…

Then theres the mythology, the whole bible with Adam an Eve, an apple and some serpent. People actually believe this to be true fact and word of god.

So here we are happy as can be, its a beautiful day, or bitching about the weather. Thank god for the Superbowl! Happy as pigs in a blanket.

Maybe we have some downs but generally everything is super! Maybe we have shopping addictions or self image problems but hey it’s okay your not alone plus you can always get it on credit!

Getting coffee this morning, I was awake at 5am happy as could be. So I got to the counter, ordered a medium coffee, the barista questioned me “Grande?”

“Yes, thats fine.”

I pay for my beverage and she thanks me only to begin to ask her coworker, who’s got her phone in hand in some sort of trance. Happily the barista asked her zombie colleague, “Is that your to-do list?” with a smile. Zombie colleague dont even look up at her. I’m still standing at the register making sure I have enough change for the bus. The barista, still smiling but seeming confused as no one seemed to care that she was so bright eyed this morning. I took my time to gather myself and this poor barista girl seemed almost frozen in a state of happy, it wasnt until I left the register did I notice her breath as she wished me a pleasant day. Then as I left she stood there rocking from her heals to her toes slightly while holding her hands at her waist. Her colleague never looked away from her phone.

What the fuck does she care if thats her to do list? What the fuck is she so god damn happy for. She’s a fucking barista who works with a bleach blond zombie?

Everyone is so fucking happy about nothing and its been this way since the beginning.

Nothing’s gonna change and thats the sad part. Forever we’re going to be expected to greet everyone with a smile even if its are worst enemy.

Happy Days are here again…


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