Like the sunshine.
Like the sunshine.

Imagine needing another person as much as one needs the sun.

Picture this in your minds eye and you will see me. Pale and depressed crying in the light of the moon…

I’m not sure how it happened and or witch Romanian wonder is keeping me from it.

It is his love and I need it.

I imagine never again will I find the match. Its a flame that isn’t allowed to burn. Eternal darkness has been cast on poor loves days. The night, for I the son of, is where they would come to haunt me outraged in pain.

May you all rest your pains as I can hear you have left my mind. No more creatures of the night but still something unsettled.

My old grandmother knew straight away it is a curse from which he slay.

I am no dragon who rules the land. Never wished to be in any capacity. Just a lover who wants his lover.

In the days a mechanical hum still arrest me it still detest me.

Like a nuclear core in waves of graves a sickly yet perfect humiliation.

I beg of you to love me.
Just to love me is all I ask.

I’ve no more lies to hide.
I don’t want your hyde.
Its your heart in which I long for.
Your heart I save my song for.

Now true love take off the mask, leave your troubles to rest. I can pass every test true love I mean you no harm.

My love I mean you no harm.


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