Scene 8

A grasshopper in brilliant green is seated on the auburn tufts of the Wayward Goat’s wrist next to a brightly coloured watch calmly ticking while the grass hopper speaks…

“I can see this situation crystal clearly.” Boasts the grass hopper, “you, like your friend the bear, are in a reality of change. You have found yourselves bored, haven’t you? Well let me see if i can help things. You and I of nature are we, you see this is true. Will you allow me to remind you with a participatory demonstration?” Quite studious was this grasshopper with close inspection the Goat could see little grey whiskers in a spray around the little chaps mouth. “Quite cleaver indeed this little grasshopper on my..” The goat ponders only to be interrupted with a vibrant “chirp” as the grasshopper displayed his protected wings…

The grasshopper:

“Yes you see I am of nature as I noticed your eyes among the grey hairs of my beard.”

The goat pondering still:

“How does he know I was thinking about how cool it was that..”

Interupted by the grasshopper:

“Yes of course us Grasshoppers have hair and yes we do go grey. So as I can see these auburn locks as lovely they can be aren’t yours now are they?”

The goat;

“How did you know?”

The grasshopper:

“You’d be amazed by the things I see from down here.” looking up to the goats snout with a chilled look on his little green face. Embarrassed the goat grabbed his handkerchief from the back pocket of his tattered grey corduroy trousers and pats his nose.

The goat:

“I think I’ve got allergies.” Said with a sniffle.

The grasshopper:

“I understand, now may you place your left hoof here by my feet? Let me show you something.” Without any hesitation the goat moved his hoof to the grasshoppers feet on his own wrist.

The goat:

“Okay, so now what?”

The grasshopper:

“Do you feel that? Its very slight but consistent.” As the grasshopper tapped his feet in rhythm with the goats pulse. “This my friend goat is a way to remind us all that, right here, this little thumping you feel also known as your pulse.” The goat seemed kinda like so whats your point yeah I have a pulse. “Duh?” The goat didnt have to say the word but the expression on his face said it all. Politely goat thought”whats your point?” as his little friend continued.

The grasshopper:

“This is here to help remind you of nature. Society don’t create this not even all the hair dye in the world can affect it. It just happens whether you like it or not.” The little fellow began rubbing his chin with a concerned brow. “This is “of itself so” and although I can tell by the bags under your eyes this is not something you can change. Not you or your friend the bear, it will be there no matter how fast you make it go. Please keep this in mind as you travel back to the bear and remember this as you go on. If this tapping inside you stops you can’t change the batteries as you can your watch.” The grasshopper chirps and taps with his cane on the plastic wrist watch. “Farewell dear goat and give my regards to the bear.”

In an instant the little green hopper is in the air with wings out beating a million a minute hovering in mid air for a moment then gliding off towards the nearest patch of grass.

The goat is speechless and falling into himself to help from tumbling over finds a nice tuft of his own to rest his tired bones and think about nature or as the grasshopper said “of itself so” and in realization of such a simple thing it was almost as if someone covered him with a blanket the goat fell asleep.

Lovely moment but as the goat slept he missed his buss to go home to see the bear. Then a shock of thunder as he sadly headed back to his grand pasture in hope to catch the train in the morning.


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