¥€$ P0W wow Rx

Chapter 22

True Powerz


In a west village shop which sells house plants and gemstones on a misty day the beginning of Summer at Dawn.

Store Clerk Lady Fox:

“Each Quartz holds a different quality.” Said the lady fox, “For you shall benefit from this Yellow stone next to the Amethyst.  You will find everything to work out eventually.  Just believe this.”  

Our friend the Billie Goat unsettled, however pleasant the young fox was, still this feeling of his skin crawling almost as if beginning to separate on the cellular level.  Took her advice as well as a tiger heart for the trip to London and went on his way.


“Thank you for this.”

The store’s bell rang as the goat exited into the crisp air.  “Everything was new and this newness is not okay.” thought goat, “My entire body is going to ether soon if I don’t find out what’s going on.”

Goat exclaimed:


Embarrassed as he realized he just had a tick in public continued thinking…”My body has it’s own Ozone Layer!!!” Goats facial expression was almost autistic and as he began biting his lower lip, “yes, that’s the power..” Drool formed quickly like dew on a leaf in the corner of his mouth then a swift slide down to his chin. “I have the ability to control my own atmosphere.’ goats eyes rolled back in thought..and then stumbled upon a bump in the concrete.

“Ooff” Goat huffed

At this point people had already began looking at Goat as if he was completely mental only for goat to snap into a pseudo well about town type posture and exclaim:

“Such a lovely day!”  quickly he whips his chin with his right limb then lifts his hat to look around.

The surrounding hens ruffled their feathers and the pigeons calmly coo’ed as if to agree.  

With a smile the goats hooves fell into a rhythmic step and goat put in his “yoda” earbuds to resume his solemn mood.

“…Through the thick and thin
He will wait until…”

The goat sighed out loud:

“I miss my honey.”

Exit stage right.  The lights dim to clear the set and enter intermission. Set stage to dream sequence playing instrumental elevator jazz version of Echo & The Bunnymen “The Killing Moon.”



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